Book cover for The Fat Artist and Other Stories

The Fat Artist and Other Stories



04 May 2017
288 pages
Imprint: Picador


Benjamin Hale writes from an altitude that is entirely his own. The view from up there - a hilariously zoological panorama of Americans at their most frail, feral, and blundering - is also entirely his own. The Fat Artist is a brilliant, ceaselessly engaging book.
From Morocco to Montana, and include the tale of the U.S. congressman who expires during a tryst in a hotel room and the adventures of an addict who lands a job driving a truck full of live squid . . . Dazzling.
Hale reveals himself to be a virtuoso . . . [His] prose is so enjoyable.
From an artist who nearly eats himself to death to a woman who accidentally feeds her baby hallucinogenics . . . Fascinating.