The Better Woman

Ber Carroll

04 November 2011
400 pages


Sarah Ryan, orphaned from a young age, grew up in a remote village in Cork. Since she was knee high, she demonstrated her phenomenal business brain when helping out in her grandmother’s shop. John Delaney, the boy next door, was her best friend, her first love and the one who broke her heart.

Jodi Tyler grew up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches amidst a close and loving family. But a terrible secret shadowed her teenage years. Jodi survived by focusing on her sport and studies to get her away – but on her eighteenth birthday her world came crashing down . . .

Two girls from opposite ends of the world both learning to overcome personal tragedy and both with a burning ambition to succeed. But which one will win the ultimate prize?

'This novel is a wonderful, full-bodied read. Ber Carroll has a clever eye for characterisation and story'

Cathy Kelly