Book cover for Boy Meets Hamster

Boy Meets Hamster

Ages 12 to 14



14 June 2018
336 pages
Imprint: Macmillan Children's Books


Today’s teens deserve the chance to see two boys kissing under the twinkling starlight of an end-of-summer dance.
It’s a sweet, funny, moving and joyous delight of a novel, full of love and full of hope, with a great big (giant hamster-sized!) heart at its centre. It may be set on the caravan park from hell, but this beautiful LGBTQ+ read is positively heavenly.
A warm, open and generous book with enormous heart, Boy Meets Hamster is genuinely laugh-out-loud funny while also effortlessly dealing with big, complex issues to do with love, family, friendship, and self-confidence & acceptance
'Boy Meets Hamster wonderfully and simply 'usualises' being gay in what is a terrifically comedic and diverse story. So many important moments and such a fun read. A book I wish I could give to teenage me!