Kingdom Come

Carl Huberman

28 June 2012
336 pages


The trouble starts when three vicious hoods raid a tourist shop in the peaceful town of Rhododendron - particularly peaceful because most of its townsfolk are in some way 'possessed'. This phenomenon dates back to strange occurrences of a decade earlier, when many of the current residents - wherever they originated from - were partly taken over by an alien intelligence.But now the mother-source of that alien influence has decided to come and settle on Earth. A giant meteor is making a collision course towards New York . panic convulses the city, and the entire nation ... and only two 'doubly possessed' little girls have the power to keep it at bay. However, there are ambitious men determined to welcome their new masters home -- and various social misfits out on a rampage all of their own.Before humanity's place in the galaxy can be secured from this threat, a hair-raising, vertiginous rollercoaster of obstacles and hazards must be negotiated.