Five Stars

Carmine Gallo

14 June 2018
288 pages


Master the art of persuasion with Five Stars, from the bestselling author of Talk Like Ted, Carmine Gallo.

'An easy-to-read and practical journey through personal development' – Financial Times (Business Book of the Month)

Communication coach Carmine Gallo breaks down how to apply Aristotle’s formula of persuasion to inspire contemporary audiences. As the nature of work changes, and technology carries things across the globe in a moment, communication skills become more valuable – not less. Gallo interviews neuroscientists, economists, historians, billionaires, and business leaders of companies like Google, Nike, and Airbnb to show first-hand how they use their words to captivate your imagination and ignite your dreams.

In Five Stars, you will learn:
-The one skill billionaire Warren Buffett says will raise your value by 50 percent.
-Why your job might fall into a category where 75 percent or more of your income relies on your ability to sell your idea.
-How Airbnb’s founders follow a classic 3-part formula shared by successful Hollywood movies.
-Why you should speak in third-grade language to persuade adult listeners.
-The one brain hack Steve Jobs, Leonardo da Vinci, and Picasso used to unlock their best ideas.

An easy-to-read and practical journey through personal development, plus tips on structuring the storytelling that is still considered key to connecting with other people and, crucially, with customers and investors in business.
Full of examples to help you get better at transporting your thoughts and emotions into the minds of other people.
Anyone who hopes to survive and flourish in today’s economy should read this book and learn.