If I Let You Go

Charlotte Levin

02 March 2023
384 pages


'Simultaneously tragic and uplifting. And I have to say at times funny. Charlotte Levin is SUCH a clever writer . . . A magnificent read' – Ruth Jones, author of Love Untold

This emotional rollercoaster is alternately heart-breaking and hopeful. I was gripped' – Daily Mail

A gripping, darkly comic tale of searing loss, coercive control and the consequences of taking the wrong path.

Every morning, Janet Brown goes to work cleaning offices. It calms her – cleanliness, neatness. All the things she’s unable to do with her soul can be achieved with a damp cloth and a splash of bleach. However, the guilt she still carries about a devastating loss that happened eleven years ago, cannot be erased so easily.

When Janet finds herself involved in a train crash, she recognizes her chance to do what she couldn’t all those years ago. And she makes a decision. As news spreads of Janet’s actions, her story inspires everyone around her and, for the first time, her life has purpose. Her future is filled with hope.

But Janet's story isn't quite what it seems. As events spiral out of control, she soon discovers that coming clean isn't an option. Because if Janet washes away the lies, what long-buried truths will she finally have to face?

If I Let You Go by Charlotte Levin is a deeply moving and gripping portrayal of a woman coming to terms with loss.

A gripping story. My heart was in my mouth!
This emotional rollercoaster is alternately heart-breaking and hopeful. I was gripped.
Heartrending and surprising, with an very believable protagonist, this is a tale of loss, grief, abuse and fractured relationships. A tremendously moving second novel from Charlotte Levin.