Out on 26 October 2023

The World's Biggest Cash Machine

Chris Blackhurst

26 October 2023
320 pages


From Chris Blackhurst, the former Editor of the Independent, comes The World's Biggest Cash Machine, a gripping and tightly reported account of how the Glazers, owners of Manchester United, became the most maligned figures in the Premier League, and how they changed the beautiful game forever.

Manchester United’s supporters span the globe and cross generations. But, with few exceptions, they are united in their anger with the American family who bought their club in 2005, plunging it into record levels of debt. The Glazers’ reign has become synonymous with the financialization of football, and has coincided with fan protests and a decline of Manchester United’s fortunes on the pitch . . . if not on the balance sheet.

But what defines this secretive family, and do these astute businessmen deserve the opprobrium they receive? In this captivating account, informed by interviews with key figures behind the scenes, journalist and commentator Chris Blackhurst charts the gripping story of the world’s biggest football club – as well as exploring the wider transformation of the Premier League into a playground for billionaire owners.

Packed with insights and details that will both amaze and appal you. This is the inside story of how the City of London really operates and if it doesn't make you angry, you need to check your pulse
Blackhurst’s tale would make an exciting novel. But alarmingly, this is a true story, carefully researched and told with gusto
Highly entertaining . . . told with pace, gusto, and a strong sense of moral outrage