A Fragment of Fact (Short Reads)

Chris Massie

01 October 2010
100 pages


Chris Massie – A Fragment of Fact

Lost in the mist, thirsty and exhausted, a young man cycling across the moors sees hope ahead at last – a warm light shines through the darkness. But his saviour is odd – and guards his territory fiercely . . .

Pan Macmillan are proud to present a brand new reissue of the first ever edition of The Pan Book of Horror Stories.

Fiendish, fantastic and downright chilling, these tales were originally selected for Pan by legendary horror anthologist Herbert van Thal. Fifty years on, they are as compelling, evocative and macabre as ever. Highlighted by a new introduction from Johnny Mains, ‘A Brief History of the Horrors’, the legacy of this astonishing collection – that became a defining influence on the genre – is self-evident.

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