Hell's Kitchen

Chris Niles

04 November 2011
416 pages


NEW YORK, NEW YORK . . . Cyrus is a millionaire recluse. Oh, and a serial killer. His first victims are Gus and Susie Niedermeyer, newlywed out-of-towners looking for a home in Manhattan - a place where the vacancy rate makes the last lifeboat off the Titantic look accommodating. Tye is a beautiful young woman from Notting Hill - 'desperately seeking wealthy sugar daddy with luxury loft apartment'. Quinn is a handsome Irishman and a writer who doesn't write. He's currently living with his brother - until said brother seduces his girlfriend . . . Marion Neidermeyer is a determined mother dead set on hunting down her vanished son and daughter-in-law. Cyrus, Quinn, Tye and Marion - all floating through New York, all about to collide in this brilliant black comedy that'll have you giggling and grimacing by turns . . . IT'S A WONDERFUL TOWN.