Out on 09 November 2023

How the World Works

Clive Gifford

Ages 7 to 9
09 November 2023
160 pages


This essential title from award-winning author Clive Gifford provides children with all the information they need to know how the world works!

We are surrounded by amazing things in the natural world, and we live in an age of exciting advances in science, engineering and technology. But do we really understand how and why things happen the way they do? This book explains all!

- Witness the formation of Earth and the evolution of living things
- See how animals and plants have adapted to live in every corner of the planet
- Learn how ancient people lived and created their technology
- Discover today’s incredible scientific and eco-friendly advances

Covering a range of children's favourite subjects, including space, nature, wildlife, dinosaurs, volcanoes, technology and much more, How the World Works is guaranteed to provide the answers to a world of tricky How? and Why? questions!