To My Sisters

Courtney Daniella Boateng

Renee Kapuku

09 March 2023
240 pages


From your favourite 'online big sisters' and hosts of the hit podcast, To My Sisters, comes this frank, funny, and essential guide to sisterhood.

'The heart is a wonderful thing and can hold much more than romantic relationships. To My Sisters is a testament to the revolutionary power of sisterhood.' - Kelechi Okafor, author of Edge of Here

'An essential read. Courtney and Renée are incredibly wise and yet so relatable and encouraging.' – Victoria Sanusi

Everyone needs someone to love, support and cherish them unconditionally. Except, it doesn’t always take the form of a spouse or a parent. What if the relationship you craved was a good ol’ sister?

Renee Kapuku and Courtney Daniella Boateng have one goal - to see women win. With their own friendship spanning a decade, their mission to reinvigorate sisterhood and redefine womanhood has turned into a global community of women helping each other to reclaim their power.

Join them as they draw from their intimate experiences to teach, guide and show you how to embrace the power of friendship and community in an authentic way. Packed with practical advice, reflective activities and wise words, To My Sisters will teach you how to find, build and nourish lifelong friendships.

Let's glow and grow together.

To My Sisters puts some respect on platonic friendships in a world where we're told that the utmost accomplishment is getting a ring and walking down the aisle. Beautifully written.
To My Sisters is an essential read. Courtney and Renée are incredibly wise and yet so relatable and encouraging.
A toolkit to female friendships! I encourage you to read this book with an open mind and heart to truly embrace Courtney and Renee’s layered lessons of sisterhood.