Ultimate Gamer: Career Mode

Craig Steele

Illustrated by Berat Pekmezci

Ages 6-8
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04 February 2021
96 pages


Take your gaming skills beyond the screen in Ultimate Gamer: Career Mode – the ultimate handbook to becoming a top game developer, Twitch streamer or the next eSports pro!

Written by Craig Steele – who has led gaming workshops at Resonate and Insomnia – and illustrated by Berat Pekmezci, this book will give you the low-down on the coolest jobs in the gaming industry.

Learn how to storyboard, code and test games, just like your favourite devs, or boost your Twitch subs by learning how to go pro. Think you have the skills to compete in eSports tournaments, or do you need some tips on getting good? This book will give you the know-how on making it big in all areas of the gaming industry!