Book cover for The Piano Tuner

The Piano Tuner



18 March 2021
384 pages
Imprint: Picador


Engrossing . . . the reader falls under the spell that the author is weaving, surrendering to the story's exotic magic
Remarkable . . . a novel that immerses the reader in a distant world with startling immediacy and ardor
A virtuoso tale, cast in the Burmese colonial wars of the 1880s . . . Mason [adds] a depth of quirky historical knowledge and a feel for the brutal politics of colonialism, to create a complex and subtly imagined adventure . . . with echoes of other books: Heart of Darkness, of course, and A Handful of Dust . . . a highly dextrous and involving performance
Intriguing and alluring . . . those strange images of Europe meeting the east, of the east engulfing Europe, linger like a haunting tune