Out on 05 September 2019

Diary of a Lone Twin

David Loftus

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05 September 2019
540 minutes
Ben Allen

A heart-rending memoir of love, loss and the unique relationship twins share.

More than thirty years ago, David Loftus’s cherished identical twin, John, passed away. Ever since, a day hasn’t passed without David feeling the loss. In 1987, after recovering from a brain tumour, John contracted meningitis and found himself back in hospital for treatment. David, as always, was by his side. They were opening their twenty-fourth birthday presents when a fatally miscalculated routine injection forced John into a coma. He died within two weeks.

Over the past year, David has spent an hour every day remembering John and recording his story by hand. Diary of a Lone Twin is the product of that daily ritual – a powerful and deeply personal account that covers everything from enchanting and charmingly evoked childhood vignettes to the acute loneliness and raw pain that followed John’s death.

In sharing this beautifully written diary, award-winning and internationally acclaimed photographer David Loftus provides a rare insight for anyone who wishes to understand the bond between identical twins, and the unique bereavement of a lone twin that few people will ever experience.

Poignant and powerful

Caroline Sanderson, The Bookseller

This is as beautiful an account of loss as you will ever read, haunting and at times unbearably heart wrenching. A tribute to a lost brother and an excavation of the human heart in all its shades of light and dark. A gem.

Rebecca Frayn

A gentle book by a gentle man about the loss of a twin brother. An intimate, searingly honest, deeply upsetting but also uplifting story of loss and love.

Prue Leith