Out on 28 September 2023

Black History for Every Day of the Year

David Olusoga

Yinka Olusoga

Illustrated by Kemi Olusoga

Ages 9-12
28 September 2023
496 pages


Black History for Every Day of the Year by award-winning historian and broadcaster David Olusoga and his siblings, Yinka Olusoga and Kemi Olusoga, gives readers a unique and vital celebration of Black history, sweeping across the world and through the ages.

Discover the joy of Black History – a piece for every day of the year. Meet well known figures and unsung heroes, read about famous and lesser known key cultural moments and discover brilliant information about Black people throughout history, from ancient times to the modern day. With accessible pieces of history broken down by date, this gorgeous hardback is perfect for all ages, revealing a rich history that is relevant to us all.