Find a Way

Diana Nyad

2017 Winner

Cross Sports Book Awards: International Sports Autobiography of the Year

02 November 2023
416 pages



After four attempts, sixty-four year-old Diana Nyad finally swam from Cuba to the Florida Keys. She swam for fifty-three hours, across one hundred and ten miles. Find a Way is her account of the epic quest which led to that moment – and a galvanizing call to live life boldly, in the moment and with no regrets.

In the 1970s, Diana Nyad was widely regarded as the greatest long-distance swimmer in the world. She record after world record, circling Manhattan Island and crossing the 102.5 miles between the Bahamas and Florida. But one record continually eluded her: becoming the first woman to swim between Cuba and the Florida Keys without a shark cage. Finally, in September 2013, Diana completed the crossing.

Millions of people watched, cried and cheered for her tenacity and courage. Find a Way recounts this astonishing and hard-won triumph – and Diana's monumental courage in the face of failure. She failed, failed and failed again, but never gave up. With unwavering belief in the face of overwhelming odds, this is a story of perseverance, tenacity and commitment on an epic scale.

Cross Sports International Autobiography of the Year 2017

'When you're facing big challenges in your life, you can think about Diana Nyad . . . and nearly anything else seems doable in comparison' – Hillary Clinton

When you’re facing big challenges in your life, you can think about Diana Nyad getting attacked by the lethal sting of box jellyfishes. And nearly anything else seems doable in comparison
Diana Nyad is a force of personality that anyone who meets her never forgets. This drive and dynamism is well captured in the title of her moving memoir Find a Way. She has – and her book shows us how we all can
What makes Nyad's story so remarkable, beyond the harrowing trials she faced at sea – unpredictable currents and weather, deadly sea animals – is the strength of a resolve that would not admit defeat and knew no boundaries. “Whatever your Other Shore is,” she writes, “whatever you must do . . . you will find a way.” Inspiring reading for anyone who has ever dared to dream the impossible