A Child of the Dales

Diane Allen

15 September 2022
336 pages


Set deep in the Yorkshire Dales, Diane Allen’s A Child of the Dales is a sweeping novel of family, deceit, separation and love.

Abandoned as a baby on the steps of a remote inn, Ruby Blake has been raised by the innkeeper’s wife, Martha Metcalfe, unknowing of the family searching for her. One wild stormy night, Ruby is reunited with her long-lost father, who wants to whisk her away to Banksgill Farm for a happy life with her true family. Feeling betrayed by Martha, Ruby follows her father for the chance of a new life.

However, for her Romani heritage, Ruby is quickly outcast from her real family by everyone – everyone except the charming stable hand, Tom Adams.

Struck with loneliness in a village of people who find ways to make her miserable, she seeks friendship and love in Tom. As their relationship blossoms, Ruby is faced with the temptations of a handsome local miner and, when rumours begin to spread, Ruby feels more lost and confused than ever.

With his long-lost daughter now safely under his wing, Reuben Blake is still desperately searching for Ruby’s mother, and vows he will not rest until he finds his true love. With Rueben’s mission leading him to the darkest corners of Brough Hill, his search shows only signs of heartbreak and despair.

As neither father or daughter feel quite whole, will either finally find where they truly belong?