Book cover for Happy Families



31 August 2023
384 pages
Imprint: Bluebird


When children are facing a mental health challenge, Dr Beth offers what all struggling parents need: an evidence-based road map to helping your child find themselves again. Happy Families is easy to read and compassionate, and packed full of practical strategies to empower parents. In a world that seems to be increasingly filled with danger and vitriol, we need books like this to help us stay on track.
The must-have, family handbook that deserves to be well thumbed and underlined. Accessible, equipping and game-changing.
Happy Families is the ultimate balance of psychological expertise and practical parenting advice - an essential guide to support our children’s mental health.
Dr Beth’s Happy Families is a brilliant book. As both a parent and professional, Beth brings her expertise and knowledge within each reach of every parent, with simple to apply suggestions, tools and techniques to use in everyday family situations.