The Appetite Solution

Dr Joe Colella

21 May 2015
224 pages


The Appetite Solution is weight loss expert Dr Joseph J. Colella's aggressive six-week, three-phase plan to help you jam 'false' hunger signals, diminish cravings and achieve your goal weight - breaking free of the carbohydrate addiction that packed on those difficult-to-shed pounds.
Dr Colella examines the reasons why we feel so hungry and dismisses the diet myths that have recently been endorsed. He reveals how the 'sugar free', 'juice' and 'alkaline' diets that supposedly promote weight loss are actually loaded with hidden simple sugars that create cravings and lead to over eating. Instead, Colella proves to readers that the key to permanent weight loss is eating complex sugars and the right amount of protein. He introduces a simple and practical three stage plan that increases satiety and curbs your carbohydrate intake resulting in sustained weight loss:
Phase One: Up the protein
Phase Two: Lower Simple Sugars and begin moderate resistance exercise
Phase Three: Shed the Fat
The Appetite Solution launches you on a journey that is forever free from an excessive appetite, creating a healthy metabolism and bringing your weight under control permanently.

[Collela] reveals the true relationship of food to your body. Packed with amazing information, The Appetite Solution draws upon his 15 years of experience and thousands of patients to untangle the mystery of our appetite and equips readers to take control of their own appetites and what they eat...Your struggle is over!
This book can change your life...[Joe] will teach you how to stop struggling with your weight, how to control your appetite, and therefore, how to live a longer, healthier, happier life
An invaluable resource to anyone trying to control their appetite and manage their weight. This book is simply a must read for all who put food in their mouths'