Out on 26 September 2024

The Happy High Achiever

Dr Mary E. Anderson

26 September 2024
272 pages


Are you an ambitious person? Have you been taught that happiness is the price of admission for success?

In this game-changing road map for high achievers, clinical psychologist Dr Mary Anderson shares her 8 Essentials – powerful principles that will allow you to pursue your goals without sacrificing your wellbeing. These actionable, science-based strategies tackle the pressures and pitfalls common to high-performing individuals, including burnout, imposter syndrome, anxiety, fear of failure, and more.

You will discover:

  • Why striving for perfection actually limits you
  • How to navigate uncertainty with less worry and more ease
  • How to find relief in moments of overwhelm and manage stress
  • Why gratitude is rocket fuel for your success
  • How to discover what you want in life and set clear, attainable goals

With this book, you can optimize your mental health, achieve sustainable success and learn the secret habits of happy high achievers.