Dr Rachel Carlton Abrams

01 June 2017
320 pages


Are you tired? Do you suffer from chronic pain-headaches, backaches, or pelvic discomfort? Do you experience depression or feel anxious? Do you have allergies, rashes or autoimmune issues? Have you lost your sex drive somewhere along the way? If you have one or more of these symptoms, you may be suffering from a condition that Rachel Carlton Abrams, M.D. calls Chronic Body Depletion. The condition can be related to weight gain, high blood pressure, exhaustion, and many other symptoms that leave the body run down. In BodyWise, Dr. Rachel shows us not only how to treat the symptoms that plague us, but offers strategies for optimum health and lifelong healing.

Dr. Rachel presents an integrative approach that balances conventional medicine, wellness practices, and intuition to heal the body both physically and emotionally. Exploring the causes of today's most chronic health issues, BodyWise teaches women to understand the body's innate wisdom, and to use a customized 28-day plan to restore their five fundamentals of health: eating, sleeping, moving, loving, and finding purpose. Written with the wisdom of a top physician but the warmth and humor of a close friend, BodyWise is a compelling and life-changing work that delivers hope, knowledge, and advice on how to live a life that is healthy and truly fulfilling.

Bodywise is simply superb. And oh, so practical. It will convince you about how and why to make food and supplements your go-to medicines. I highly recommend this book.
Direct, deeply knowledgeable and inspiring. I would follow Rachel Abrams anywhere. Thankfully with Rachel, it will be to my sustained health and well-being. I can't wait for this book. BodyWise is so comprehensive and integrates all aspects of the totality of being in a human body, and how to be responsible for and to it....This book is a smart and gentle well-being bible.
A true healer... Rachel Carlton Abrams marries grounded Western medical knowledge with cutting-edge integrative approaches to health, but more important than all of her genius knowledge and old-soul wisdom is the depth and purity of her wide-open heart. When the heart not only informs but leads the doctor-patient relationship, real miracles can happen, and Rachel embodies this quality more than any physician I have ever met