An Accidental Light

Elizabeth Diamond

25 March 2013
352 pages


I’ve seen her a thousand times. Running through the blue shadows in the rain. Stopped by a screech of brakes and my voice shouting. Stopped by the sudden boom of my heart.

On a quiet road just outside London, in the blue half-light of dusk, a car accident will change the lives of two families forever.Jack Philips is a happily married policeman with two small daughters, but the accident forces him to reassess everything he loves – and to confront long-buried secrets.

For Lisa Jenkins, the devastation seems almost unbearable. Until she discovers an inner strength she never knew she had – and the courage to change her life completely.

This heartbreaking but ultimately uplifting debut novel explores the ripple effects of a single moment of tragedy – the journey from guilt to peace, from vengeance to forgiveness, from grief to hope – and even, ultimately, to joy.