How to Be a Good Wife

Emma Chapman

24 April 2014
288 pages


How to Be a Good Wife is a haunting and unforgettable literary thriller about the 'perfect marriage', by Emma Chapman.

Marta has been married to Hector for longer than she can remember. She has always tried hard to be a good wife.

But now Hector has come home with a secret. And Marta is beginning to imagine – or revisit – a terrifying truth . . .

'The unnamed Scandinavian setting has all the familiar elements of contemporary northern lights noir . . . a ruthless examination of the many layers of marriage, and a woman's opaque role with it.’ – Guardian

‘On the surface the book is a highly competent, creepy little chiller, but beneath, like a silent, bolted and half-dark room, there’s a much bigger, equally disconcerting story about the nature of feminine experience.' Hilary Mantel, Man Booker Prize winning author of Wolf Hall
‘Taut, elegant and pitch-perfect. As soon as you've read it you'll want to talk about it’. Evie Wyld, author of After the Fire, A Still Small Voice
‘Compelling, edgy and dark – I read How To Be a Good Wife in one sitting’. Jane Rusbridge, author of Rook and The Devil's Music