Book cover for The Lotterys Plus One

The Lotterys Plus One

Ages 9 to 11



08 March 2018
320 pages
Imprint: Macmillan Children's Books


I loved the Lotterys! Wonderfully wacky, full of humour and lovely soft touches.
This engaging tale is moving without veering into sentimentality. For all the Lotterys' apparent eccentricity, the novel delves into universal themes of family relationships that will resonate with readers from all backgrounds.
The story itself could not be more relevant to the turbulent times the world finds itself in - the true meaning of belonging, home, tolerance and acceptance. Offbeat, funny, wise and deliciously different, Emma Donoghue's first book for children is an essential read.
a warm-hearted, curious and hugely appealing slice of unconventional family life, told with considerable wit and charm