Pulp Kitchen

Feargus O'Sullivan

Age 16 +
01 August 2013
304 pages


More delicious than Scone With the Wind! Hotter than The Wild Brunch! More chilling than The Texas Chainsaw Moussaka!

Have you ever been tempted to fry someone's liver with fava beans and a nice chianti? Or to try 'what she's having' in When Harry Met Sally? And just what do the hobbits eat in The Lord of the Rings?

Expanding on his popular DVD Dinners column in The Times, food and film writer Feargus O'Sullivan takes us on a witty tour of weird and wonderful cinematic cuisine, providing a menu for more than a dozen different movie nights, from Musicals, Horror Movies and Gangster Flicks to Bond Films as well as more risqué fare.

Whatever kind of film you're into, Pulp Kitchen will satisfy your appetite. It is the only book for the food-loving film fan.