Out on 25 April 2024

Curious Features Of Extraordinary Creatures

Camilla de la Bedoyere

Illustrated by Fiona Fogg

Ages 6 to 9
25 April 2024
56 pages


Meet incredible creatures from all around the world in this colourful, fact-packed animal guide.

Curious Features of Extraordinary Creatures tells you all the essential facts about some of the most unique mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and insects that can be found on our planet. Bite-sized text breaks down key information about the creature’s appearance, behaviour and habitat, while colourful and dynamic illustrations bring the animal to life in front of you. Each animal also features bold graphic-novel style panels that tell the story of a key aspect of each animal’s daily life, such as the aye-aye foraging for its dinner and the peacock spider performing a dramatic dance to attract a mate.