Released on 03 May 2018.

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Rebel Talent

Why it Pays to Break the Rules at Work and in Life

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Award-winning Harvard Business School professor Francesca Gino shows us why creative rebellion is essential at work and in life, and why the most successful among us are those who break the rules.

One of the world’s best chefs; a pilot who brought passengers and crew to safety in a dire situation; a woman who fought discrimination to make others better off; a magician who made history; a company founder who worked with his team to create movies that engage young and old alike. What do they all have in common? They are all rebels.

Harvard Business School professor, Francesca Gino has been studying how rebels can be successful in life and in the workplace for more than 15 years. She has discovered that when we mindlessly follow well-accepted rules and norms rather than constructively rebel against them, we become less happy and less successful. As leaders, we are less effective and respected. As employees, we feel dissatisfied and are more likely to be overlooked for top assignments and promotions. As partners or friends, we are disengaged and unhappy.

While rebels may seem harder to manage, they are good for the bottom line: their passion, drive, curiosity, and creativity raise organizations to a new level. When we break the rules, we fix our lives.

Rebel Talent provides strategies and examples for cultivating and embracing the right amount of rebellion in the workplace and in life, and offers illuminating case studies ranging from The World's Best Restaurant to fast food chains to corporations such as Google and Pixar. Gino encourages all of us to rebel against what's comfortable so we can thrive.