Ride on the Wind

Francis Chichester

16 June 2016
204 pages


Francis Chichester's name is synonymous with the spirit of adventure and courage at its highest level. Before taking to the sea, Chichester made a firm reputation for himself as an aviation pioneer.

Ride on the Wind is the story of his adventures with his sea-plane, Elijah. After flying from London to Sydney, he simply decided to look for 'the most interesting countries I could find, uninhabited, hostile, or little known'. From Sydney, he embarked on an epic flight that included crossing into forbidden territory in Formosa in a raging storm, a narrow escape from Chinese pirates, another from a typhoon, and a spectacular crash in Japan - a remarkable achievement for a solo amateur pilot.

A thrilling adventure and the story of a man's journey alone in a plane for several months, above uncharted territory, Ride on the Wind is at its heart a fascinating and vibrant record of a world that was once very different.