Albert Speer: His Battle With Truth

Gitta Sereny

1995 Winner

James Tait Black Prize for Biography

1996 Winner

Duff Cooper Prize

1996 Nominee

Whitbread Biography Award

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26 January 2017
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From 1942 Speer was the second most powerful man in the Reich and Hitler’s right-hand man. Gitta Sereny, through twelve years of research and through many conversations with Speer, his friends and colleagues, reveals how Speer came to terms with his own acts and failures to act, his progress from moral extinction to moral self-education and the question of his real culpability in the Nazi crimes.

A masterpiece . . . a contribution to the effort of recuperation of human dignity at the end of this atrocious century . . . This is the account Joan of Arc would have given if she had been charged with interrogating Faust

John Banville - Observer

A remarkable new biography – arguably the most important and certainly the most fascinating book about the Nazi era published in the last ten years . . . Gitta Sereny has written a masterpiece

Robert Harris - Sunday Times

An essential experience that conveys like no other book the qualities of the Nazi elite . . . restoring emotion to people we would prefer to regard as soulless machines

David Cesarini - Financial Times