Out on 24 October 2024

Penguin and Pup: The Perfect Christmas

Hazel Gardner

Illustrated by Nikki Dyson

Age 3 +
24 October 2024
32 pages


Introducing your new favourite characters – Penguin and Pup – in this laugh-out-loud Christmassy caper from brand-new talent Hazel Gardner and bestselling illustrator, Nikki Dyson. GIGGLES GUARANTEED.

Meet Penguin: he's thoughtful, kind and loyal. He can be a bit cautious with new things, and he’s very sensible. Pup, on the other hand, is a fun-loving whirlwind! She always thinks big and sometimes gets a bit carried away. . .

Like lots of friends, Penguin and Pup like VERY different things. Especially when it comes to Christmas. Penguin is all about the simple things: a perfectly-sized Christmas tree, and maybe a mince pie. Pup, on the other hand, wants a GIANT snow machine and a ten-course feast. It's a recipe for disaster, and LOTS of laughter.

So whether you are more Penguin, or more Pup, come along and let the giggling begin!