Out on 16 May 2019

Counting on Katherine

Helaine Becker

Illustrated by Dow Phumiruk
Ages 5-9
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16 May 2019
40 pages

Helaine Becker's Counting on Katherine: How Katherine Johnson Put Astronauts on the Moon tells the remarkable story of Katherine Johnson; a truly exceptional woman who defied societal conventions and went above and beyond what was expected of her as an African-American woman in the 1960s. Featuring gorgeous full-colour illustrations throughout, this book truly is a gift to treasure.

You've likely heard of the historic moon landing. But do you know about the mathematical genius whose calculations made those landings possible and who made sure that all the astronauts returned safely home when the rocket was critically damaged mid-mission?

As a child, Katherine Johnson loved to count. She counted the steps on the road, the number of dishes and spoons she washed in the kitchen sink, everything! Boundless, curious, and excited by calculations, young Katherine longed to know as much as she could about maths, about the universe.

From Katherine's early beginnings as a gifted student to her heroic accomplishments as a prominent mathematician at NASA, this is the story of a groundbreaking American woman who not only calculated the course of moon landings but, in turn, saved lives and made enormous contributions to history.