On Scope

Jack Coughlin

Donald A. Davis

04 December 2014
320 pages


Spain is on the brink of economic collapse and European banks demand that any bailout be linked to harsh domestic changes. An alliance of Islamic bankers counters this with a rescue package containing no conditions at all. But behind this simple solution is an underlying goal: to break the unity of Europe and put Madrid on the path back to Islamic rule.
When the US stridently opposes the deal, terrorists storm the American consulate in Barcelona and slaughter an entire six-man US Marine security guard. In response, Washington unleashes black ops team Task Force Trident to take down those responsible for the attack, and Gunnery Sergeant Kyle Swanson, one of the world's best snipers, is called in.
Meanwhile, Algerian mastermind Yanis Rebiane puts pressure on Spain to make a decision, while his killing-machine son, Djahid, roams the US, murdering anyone his father deems a threat to the radical takeover scheme . . .
Once Swanson's name is unearthed from secret files, Kyle and Djahid become mortal enemies. One shot will decide the future of Spain, NATO and the EU.