Out on 23 May 2024

A Rainforest Story

Jane Burnard

Illustrated by Kendra Binney

Ages 5 to 7
23 May 2024
32 pages


This beautiful book brings together amazing facts about rainforests, a heart-warming narrative and breathtaking illustrations.

Explore the vibrant life of the rainforest, from the fierce predators that roam the forest floor to the brightly-coloured birds that fly above the trees. Traveling through the seasons, we meet various rainforest creatures as they are born, raise their young and settle down to hibernate through the hottest months.

Learn about the behavior of favorite big cats such as the beautiful jaguar, and beloved animals such as capybaras and sloths. Discover how animals and plants work together to survive and thrive, like the monkeys that go from flower to flower, feeding on nectar and spreading pollen.

Beautiful descriptions of dynamic rainforest creatures are further animated by colourful illustrations that will leave children and adults poring over the pages of this book.