Pictures of You

Jane Elmor

10 December 2010
416 pages


Follow three women on their journeys through drama and heartbreak into motherhood

Luna – a painter in her thirties, lives a bohemian life in London with sculptor, Pierre. Driven by creativity rather than money, the couple have always been happy. But when Luna finds out that her estranged father has died she starts to yearn for family, and so she begins her quest, not only to discover what happened to her father and the family she was denied, but also to start a new one of her own – with or without Pierre.

Angie – a young drama student, escapes her suffocating parents and hitchhikes to the Isle of Wight Festival in 1970, where she meets and falls in love with the handsome, charismatic Dave. She goes to live with him in his idyllic commune in Wales, where her new family are attempting to build a Utopian society unbound by traditional repressive rules. However, as a mother with a baby daughter, a shocking discovery makes her wonder if she's living in a world of liberty or oppression.

Nat – a teenage mum, is on the run from the nightmare of her past. In a new location she tries to build a good life for her kids. But can she ever escape the trouble that haunts her and make her children safe?

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