The Ghost of Che Guevara

Jason Webb

18 October 2011
224 pages


Hoggard, a British journalist hunts him down to get his story. Why has he joined up, what is his life like, what is his future – if he survives? Does the newly-named Martín really understand what he’s doing?

A colourful cast of reckless Colombian rebels, cynical journos and beautiful women play a dangerous game in a tense plot set in the cities and jungles of the South American state.

The married but estranged Hoggard’s affair with a beautiful Colombian girl, the attempt to shoot video of the publicity-shy guerrilla youth and the world-weary journalist’s relationships with the rebel leaders and his colleagues gradually draw a picture of two lives – the young American’s and the journalist’s – on the edge of disaster in a highly volatile environment.

As Hoggard’s personal life becomes ever more difficult, he also starts to lose control of his professional objective and the reader begins to understand that both the journalist’s and the rebel’s agendas may lead to disaster.