Rise of the Governor

Jay Bonansinga

Robert Kirkman

04 October 2018
336 pages


Based on the award-winning graphic novels created by Robert Kirkman, if you liked The Walking Dead TV series, you'll love this.

The world has gone to hell - and that story starts here.

Philip Blake’s life has been turned upside down. In less than seventy-two hours, an inexplicable event has resulted in people everywhere . . . turning. Now the walking dead roam the streets, massacring the living, and it seems that nowhere is safe. Escaping his small town, Philip has just one focus in life – to protect his young daughter Penny. And he’ll do whatever it takes to ensure she survives.

With his two old high-school friends and his brother Brian, Philip decides to aim for Atlanta. It’s said refugee centres are being set up there. But between them and safety stand the walking dead – and they must, somehow, pass through them to reach salvation.

The Rise of the Governor is fast-paced, action-packed storytelling about the lengths some people will go to survive. This book features new characters, new storylines and the same electrifying world from the hit TV show The Walking Dead.

A genuine pleasure to see the series make the transition to pictureless literature so smartly

Fast-paced, action-packed storytelling
It takes great advantage of the literary medium in a way that most tie-in books would not