The Road to Woodbury

Robert Kirkman

Jay Bonansinga

25 October 2012
288 pages


The Road to Woodbury by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga is the second novel in the New York Times bestselling series based on the award-winning comic books and blockbuster television show.

It is a dangerous world that Lilly lives in. The walking dead lurk in every corner, destroying anyone they can get their hands on. Nowhere is safe. But when a terrifying ordeal leaves numerous dead, Lilly and her companions are forced out of their tented community and into the open.

Safety seems to come in the form of Woodbury, a gated compound with food and protection. Yet it’s not long before the wanton dangers of Woodbury reveal themselves, and the Governor’s despotic rule of the compound threatens to undermine everything Lilly believes in. Because sometimes the dead aren't the biggest threat. It’s the living . . .

A perfect introduction . . . and a great service to all those folks who've walked with these zombies before.
The novel makes for an exciting, grippingly intense and at times gruesome one-off read.
The novel hooked me from the first page . . . begs to be read.