Out on 15 August 2024

The Nervous System Reset

Jessica Maguire

15 August 2024
288 pages


Are overwhelming anxiety and emotional issues affecting your ability to perform at work?
Are issues like IBS and chronic fatigue impacting your relationships?
Do you want to learn how to regulate your stress and pain and feel at home in your body again?

Physiotherapist and neurophysiology expert, Jessica Maguire wants to help you understand the root cause of many of our health issues – our dysregulated nervous system. In The Nervous System Reset, Maguire explains why the vagus nerve is key to emotional, digestive and physical health, and how to engage it to help reset your nervous system.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Break free from nervous system dysregulation
  • Get unstuck from feelings of anxiety, freeze and shut down
  • Make lifestyle changes to support your emotional and physical health
  • Understand your body better, giving you greater agency and autonomy
  • Better your relationships by equipping yourself with the tools you need to thrive

This book will give you the tools you need to discover the power of your nervous system and harness it for improved health.