Out on 15 August 2024
Book cover for The Nervous System Reset

The Nervous System Reset



15 August 2024
477 minutes
Imprint: Bluebird


This book feels like learning the life-changing secrets of the human brain and body from your super smart older sister. We’ve been in desperate need for an approachable, nuanced, and empowering guide to nervous system regulation as a society for years, and Jessica absolutely blows it out of the water with this book.
The Nervous System Reset fills in the blanks left by typical methods of healing. This book is the missing ingredient that so many people have searched for.
Jessica Maguire's expertise in nervous system healing shines brightly in this insightful work. With a deep well of knowledge, Maguire effortlessly translates complex concepts into actionable steps for transformative change. Her ability to distill intricate subjects into manageable, practical advice empowers readers to embark on a journey towards lasting healing. A must-read for anyone seeking to understand and nurture their nervous system.
Jessica Maguire has written a profoundly significant, ground-breaking book that explores authentic healing especially for those with chronic health challenges of the mind and body. This brilliant book is an absolute must for all those professionals who work in all allied health fields for all ages.