No Birds Sing

Jo Bannister

15 November 2012
250 pages


Jo Bannister’s gritty police novels featuring DI Liz Graham have been likened to Lynda La Plante’s Prime Suspect.

‘The whole bloody town’s gone mad!’ exclaimed Superintendent Shapiro as Castlemere reels after a forty-eight-hour crime-fest including a ram-raid, a hostage crisis, a shocking rape and more . . .

Making no progress by conventional means, Detective Inspector Liz Graham and Detective Sergeant Cal Donovan go undercover in the search for leads.

But neither could have imagined the frightening ordeals they are both about to endure. Ordeals that will test their courage, strength and commitment to the absolute, terrifying limit . . .

‘The novel throbs with energy and the reader is absorbed from page one.’ Yorkshire Evening Press

‘Bannister keeps the suspense tight as a drum.’ Publishers Weekly

’An example of what can be made of a traditional police investigation by a first-class writer.’ Birmingham Post