The Primrose Convention

Jo Bannister

15 November 2012
194 pages


When Matt Gosling, proprietor of The Skipley Chronicle, hired Primrose Holland as his paper’s agony aunt it was either the best decision he ever made, or the worst. For Rosie is larger-than-life in every sense, an ex-pathologist with enthusiasm, intelligence and heart – but no tact whatsoever.

Perhaps that’s why her column ‘The Primrose Path’ is such a huge success. Faced with queries on everything from inadvertently eating a slug to the etiquette of finding your mother in bed with her toy-boy, Rosie’s advice is always unorthodox, frequently hilarious, and often lands her in deep water.

But never deeper than when she helps Fiona Morris look for her brother Philip, who disappeared while birdwatching in the Hebrides. Worried by conflicting news of him, Rosie sets off for Scotland with Fiona, bird-watching expert Arthur Prufrock, and reluctant psychic Shad Lucas.

A more competent psychic would have known better than to get involved. Because Rosie’s solution to this particular problem is about to prove very dangerous indeed . . .

‘A most surprising and enjoyable mystery from one of the very best’ Booklist