An Unsuitable Match

Joanna Trollope

04 October 2018
336 pages


An Unsuitable Match, by bestselling author Joanna Trollope, is an uplifting story of love in the autumn years, and the complexities of family bonds.

'Nobody writes about family tensions better than Joanna Trollope' – Good Housekeeping

As Rose Woodrowe and Tyler Masson embark on their journey of rediscovered love and second chances, they find themselves faced with the strong opinions of their grown-up children.

Who to listen to? Who to please? Rose and Tyler are determined to get it right this time, but in trying to make everyone happy, can they ever be happy themselves?

Immerse yourself in this heart-stirring exploration of love, family conflict, and the intricacies of starting anew.

Trollope is an extremely assured writer, with a brilliant eye for detail and a finely tuned emotional intelligence ... she writes absorbing, wise stories that dramatise the dilemmas we face
With her compassion for her characters, Trollope cuts to the quick of family life, and the difference between men and women
Joanna Trollope's novels address the issues and emotional journeys that face women today