Effective Decision Making (REV ED)

John Adair

15 May 2009
208 pages


Few managers devote enough attention to the thinking processes they should apply to their jobs. Yet long, energetic hours at work are wasted if business decisions are not logical, clear – and correct.

Effective Decision Making is the definitive guide to the crucial managerial skill of creative thinking. In this classic book John Adair, Britain’s foremost expert on leadership training, tells you everything you need to know to enable you to analyse your own thought processes, think outside the box and know when to turn to others to help you make your decisions. Including advice on every aspect of the decision-making process, Effective Decision Making will help you to:

• Approach problems efficiently and effectively – define objective, collect information, develop options, evaluate, decide and implement

• Think in a more imaginative way

• Know when to rely on your intuition

• Feel more confident about arguing your case

• Develop your thinking skills

With examples of good and poor decision making, as well as exercises designed to help you maintain and improve your mental fitness, Effective Decision Making will enable you to master one of the most important skills needed to make you an effective leader.