Released on 21 September 2007.

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Modern Toss: Another Book

featuring Mister Tourette

and Mick Bunnage

4.3 based on 30 ratings & 2 reviews on


Welcome to the second, superb collection of cheerfully offensive jokes from the demented world of cult cartoonists Modern Toss – a Viz for the 21st century.

Fresh from their laugh-out-loud funny Channel 4 TV series, the familiar cast of misguided idiots – Mr Tourette; Alan; the Drive-by Abuser – are joined by a new bunch of fools keen to take a pop. Hand picked from issues 3 and 4 of the comic, this new Modern Toss book pushes the art of cack-handed cartoon drawing to a startling new level. Come and get it, yeah!

‘Badly drawn, utterly foul mouthed, mean spirited and misanthropic, it’s also very, very funny’ Independent on Sunday