Song of the Earth

Jonathan Bate

06 April 2001
352 pages


The most important critical work for decades' Bryan Appleyard, Sunday Times

In the brilliantly engaging style that characterised The Genius of Shakespeare, Jonathan Bate has written a series of compelling pieces on the link between literature and the environment and why poetry matters in the new millennium. In fascinating detail, Bate explains how words like 'culture' and 'environment' have evolved since the writing of Jane Austen, Thomas Hardy and the Romantics to the present day.

'Bate presents his case with an emotional conviction which is almost impossible to resist' The Times

'Anyone familiar with Bate's The Genius of Shakespeare will know how winningly he marries erudition to liveliness' John Coldstream, Daily Telegraph

'I came away from the book deeply grateful for its impassioned song' Adam Thorpe, Sunday Telegraph