The Nonborn King

Julian May

Age 16 +
17 January 2013
544 pages


Following an immense cataclysm, Tanu civilization is in ruins. Now the humans who passed through the gate to prehistoric Earth can finally seek power. Aiken Drum names himself King, but faces great opposition. The Firvulag are hellbent on wiping out every group but their own. Felice Landry, possibly the most powerful psychic humanity will know, hasn’t finished wreaking havoc. Then another faction emerges.

A group of metapsychic human rebels have been in hiding on another continent. Until their leader, Marc Remillard, decides to take advantage of the new regime. But the group’s children, who came of age far from the Galactic Milieu, just want to return to the 22nd Century. However, the Galactic government hasn’t forgotten Marc or the billions of lives lost through his crimes – so he will stop at nothing to keep the time-gate closed.

Praise for the series:

‘Engrossing . . . it stirs the mind and engages the feelings’ Fritz Leiber

‘A many-coloured tapestry of exotic adventure’ Roger Zelazny

'Deservedly acclaimed . . . a tremendously original premise’ SFReviews