Forever Ends on Friday

Justin A. Reynolds

Ages 12 to 16
21 January 2021
480 pages


Justin A. Reynolds, author of Opposite of Always, returns with Forever Ends on Friday, another charming and powerful YA contemporary novel with a twist.

What if you could bring your best friend back to life – but only for a short time?

Jamal’s best friend, Q, doesn’t know that he died, and that he’s about to die . . . again. He doesn’t know that Jamal tried to save him. And that the reason they haven’t been friends for two years is because Jamal blames Q for the accident that killed his parents.

But what if Jamal could have a second chance? A new technology allows Q to be reanimated for a few weeks before he dies . . . permanently. And Q’s mom is not about to let anyone ruin this miracle by telling Q about his impending death. So how can Jamal fix everything if he can’t tell Q the truth?

Forever Ends on Friday weaves together loss, grief, friendship, and love to form a wholly unique homage to the bonds that bring people together for life - and beyond.

Forever Ends on Friday is published in the US as Early Departures

This what-if novel about loss celebrates life, asking the questions: what would you do with the rest of your life if you knew you were about to die? And would you want to know? Jamal loses someone but has the chance to bring him back, briefly. Forever Ends on Friday is also about coming to terms with other griefs, and not letting fear sabotage friendships and relationships. It considers the morality of truth-telling, self-sacrifice and forgiveness. Written with warmth and wisdom, it is a lighter read than its theme suggests, notwithstanding lumps in the throat. Despite the sci-fi element, it is full of everyday American teenage reality, bantering dialogue, family repartee (notably between Jamal and his pregnant sister, Whit), comic details, romantic connection and, above all, having fun.
A page-turning narrative with a cast of fully realized characters and realistic dialogue. The skillful use of flashbacks and social media content fully engages readers. Despite the seriousness of the story, humor and moments of pathos will elicit empathy and connection. This thoroughly satisfying novel of love, loss, and reconciliation is not to be missed.
This charming, wry novel packed with witty, crackling banter is propulsively readable. There are some big questions about choice, consequences, loyalty, and love in this novel, and Reynolds beautifully complements those heavy concerns with the sweet, funny, and genuine voice of his protagonist.