Wish I May

Justine Picardie

06 December 2012
336 pages


Kate Linden is a 35 year old single mother, who dreams of a rosy future with a dream man - one who will love both her and her son Sam. But while she's waiting for the arrival of that unknown saviour, she finds herself entangled with her handsome, domineering cousin Julian, the son of her dead mother's twin sister.

As she returns to Julian's childhood home in Norfolk for a family weekend, Kate is drawn back into the mysteries that haunt her. What was the truth of the relationship between her mother and Julian's father? Who was responsible for her mother's death in a car crash? How will the patterns of that dark past repeat themselves, or can she escape them?

Justine Picardie writes with a clear, beautiful voice about family intrigues and intricacies. Wish I May is a story about the shadows cast by the past, but also of a sustaining hope for the future, and the magical transformations of love.

'A seductive tale about secrets and the ghosts of childhood' Independent
'A beautiful, elegiac and intensely readable novel. Justine Picardie writes very movingly about the bonds between the living and the dead, the horrors and rewards of family life, and one woman's search for happiness' Zoe Heller