Out on 05 August 2021


Kae Tempest

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05 August 2021

Paradise, the playscript by lyricist, novelist, poet and playwright Kae Tempest is a potent and dynamic reimagining of the Greek classic Philoctetes by Sophocles. Once comrades, now enemies after Odysseus abandoned Philoctetes to suffer a terrible wound alone, Odysseus is prepared to use any means necessary to get the shell-shocked Philoctetes back to the front and win the Trojan war.

The National Theatre production will be directed by Ian Rickson with Lesley Sharp leading a large ensemble all-woman cast.

Tempest . . . doesn't just leap off the page, but leaps into your throat and demands to be shouted all the way out.

Marlon James

One of the brightest British talents around. [Tempest's] spoken-word performances have the metre and craft of traditional poetry, the kinetic agitation of hip-hop and the intimacy of a whispered heart-to-heart . . . drawing on ancient mythology and sermonic cadence to tell stories of the everyday


Tempest stitches together words with such animate grace that language acquires an almost tactile quality . . . [An] hypnotically persuasive vision

New York Times