Out on 27 April 2023

Divisible by Itself and One

Kae Tempest

27 April 2023
64 pages


A new poetry collection from Britain's foremost truth-teller, in Divisible by Itself and One Kae Tempest masterfully steers a path between their more public-facing performance and dramatic work and the contemplative voice that came to the fore in Running Upon the Wires.

Questions of integrity – hence the prime number of the title – are addressed in direct, affecting terms: how can we be true to ourselves while under constant pressure to conform? Throughout the poems, ideas of form – of the body, gender, and in nature – resurface and resolve.

Stories of transformation hold a central place in Tempest’s work, their best to date; here, the poet considers the changes that are sometimes required to be oneself.

Tempest offers acute and insight poems that lodge in the ear and sear themselves on the vision
Tempest uses words like a time traveller, taking the reader into fragments of their own lives, successes and heartbreaks. Read and lose yourself in a total adventure
Dazzling wordsmithery. . . As anyone who has seen them perform will know, they don't just paint pictures with words when they perform, they paint fireworks in the night sky